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Electric Linear Actuators, Actuator Operated Material handling equipments
Electric Linear Actuators

ANTO Electric Linear Actuators for Today's Industry

Electro-Mechanical linear Actuators are gaining more and more important in replacing Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. ANTO Electric linear Actuators are economical to operate, since they usually work for just few seconds and consume energy only during that short period. Contrary to hydraulic and pneumatic systems, no energy is consumed during idle periods. Feeding the electrical energy through cables is easy and non-contaminating. Leaking and freezing problems, which occur in other systems and not probable

High and freezing temperature, dust, humidity and vibrations are normal operating conditions for ANTO Electric linear Actuators. Even under extreme conditions they work with precision and reliability, proven by their wide range of application s throughout all industries.

They also can be used in explosive environment in the Chemical Industry as well as in coal mining. The electro-mechanical ANTO systems fulfill the highest requirements for cleanliness and environment protection, even for application in the food industry.

The rotation movement produced by the electric motor will be converted into a linear movement by acme or ball screws installed within the thrust unit. Acme screw can be made self-locking by selecting low leads. Static loads, which can always be higher than the nominal thrust, can be safely maintained in all positions. Different leads for the screw can be easily produced to have lower or higher rod speeds. Higher leads, however, do not have the self-locking features, so the cylinder will be equipped with an electro- magnetic brake to maintain position.

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